Our Olive Oil

It’s simple, at Red Rock Olive Oil you know what you’re getting: an extra virgin olive oil that is fresh, safe, and delicious. You also know where it’s grown, how it’s grown, and how it’s harvested and milled. Straight from our farm, down to your dish.

Arbequina varietal is typically a gentle, fruity, and fragrant flavor. Depending on the maturity of the fruit, it can vary in complexity. Complexity includes both green (young) and ripe (mature) characteristics of the fruit. Green characteristics include grassy, fruity and peppery, and ripe characteristics include smooth, buttery and nutty. We believe our Arbequina Olive Oil offers the best of both characteristics because of how we can control harvest time.

Typical olive harvest is from late October into early December in Northern California. The earlier you harvest, typically the greener and less mature the fruit.  However waiting for the fruit to properly mature increases the risk of losing the entire crop.  Consistent rains would prevent harvest from being completed and a hard freeze will permanently damage the oil quality.  By late November both of those weather risks are imminent.  So timing is of the essence.

fresholiveoilAs soon as the fruit is removed from the tree, it begins to ferment and produce heat, which is why we press the fruit within hours of harvest ("first cold pressed").  It would be ideal to harvest and get the fruit through the mill when the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thousands of acres are harvested with less than ideal conditions, but here at Red Rock Olive Oil we attempt to schedule harvest days to keep the fruit temperature low.  By putting the fruit in bins, and delivering to the mill without having the pressure and heat build up of a large tubs or trucks, we are taking another step towards the highest possible oil quality.

We also choose to filter our olive oil, removing sediments that ferment over time. This process does not effect the flavor of the oil and actually enhances quality and shelf life. Many people think that unfiltered olive oil is "better" because it has more flavor. While the sediments may add flavor initially, these sediments ferment fairly quickly and therefore the oil must be consumed immediately for optimal flavor. Olive oil is best consumed within 2 years of harvest. We recommend consuming ours within one year for best flavor.